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Born and raised in the gorgeous home of the majestic twin peaks of St. Lucia, I am Carma, yep you guessed it Mondesir. I am the third child of five, and have seven siblings.  I wasn’t lavished with presents  or drove a Porsche at sixteen but I was brought up in a Christian home and with parents who taught us the morals we needed to grow up , well at least the early parts of my life, that’s the most crucial part of a lil girls life to be  with both parent and they played their parts well and i can honestly say that they have indeed done well especially my mom because there came a time where she had to play the role of both parents and it was hard but hey we survived and made it through. PRAISE BE TO GOD. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo let’s get down to the details…………….

I started Photography in 2009 and have been in love since then. I suppose i can say I have had an interesting eye from wayyyyyy back when I was just a young lass, but never knew it was something I saw myself pursuing. My photography journey started in late 2009 when I was given my first camera it wasn’t a DSLR, it was the Fuji Finepix S5200 which was an SLR. I started photographing plants and whatever else I saw that looked interesting. I remember one time I was outside with my camera and the school girls across the street saw me and posed and asked me to take a picture of them, you should have seen the looks of their faces, they were all in glee.  That for me was one of my first and best photography experiences.

When I looked at the images I took I was like woah, nice, I love this, so I went on photographing and then started looking at images from magazines and stuff and said to myself I want to take images like this.  Of course we know there’s a lot one has to learn to start creating high end imagery. It was only late 2010 that I got my professional camera and other equipment and have been on a roll since then.  I love my Canon T3i and have been impressed with the quality of images it produces.

So I have been doing great things and greater things are on the way.  I have found what I am definitely good at, and will keep doing good wherever and whenever.  This is just a little about me as you guys know I can’t just put it all out there. I am talented and passionate about what I do. Photography has become who I am today PHOTOGRAPHY IS ME.

I consider myself a Jane of all trades.


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