Carnival…….. THE TRINI WAY

Every year citizens of bacchanal descend on Trinidad & Tobago for the Greatest show in the world……CARNIVAL.

What is Carnival, The Trini Way you might ask?

Carnival The Trini Way is like no other experience. It’s coming to an island where steel pan music pulsates every street corner, where soca flows through your veins, where bacchanal is second nature, where locals & foreigners jump and fete in oneness, where the rhythm of your waist is moved by the beat of the music, the beat of the drums. It’s coming to an island where revellers parade in bold, vibrant costumes and exuberant celebrations. Where the Sailor mas, Jab Jab & Blue Devils still remains the highlight of the festivity. It reminds us how far carnival has come from when it first started. David Rudder describes it as “The living vibration rooted deep within our Caribbean belly” . Carnival, The Trini Way, brings all peoples, color, creed or race, young, old and young at heart together. No amount of words can adequately describe carnival, one needs to come and simply experience it for themselves.

The year started off with tons of events from band launches culminating in 2 days of revelry  through the streets of Trinidad to International Soca Monarch, Panorama, Dimanche Gras & J’ouvert. It was a non stop roller coaster as persons got themselves in the carnival spirit. Yep you guessed it the CARNIVAL TABANCA was over for many. Some of us have never experienced carnival the trini way not excluding myself. I have been on this island of steel pan and bacchanal for 6 years and have never played mas. I know such a shame:( .To those who came out had fun and did it ” LIKE AH BOSS” I say hope allyuh had a wonderful experience, or should I say a LARGER THAN LIFE experience, both first timers and seasoned revellers. Nothing on earth can rival to the euphoria and stunning spectacle of our festival.

So……….. from all of us here in Trinidad & Tobago hope to see you guys next year for an even bigger and better carnival. Miss it and blame yourself.

Here are a few testimonials from some revellers.

Marisa- (1st time) “ I had the best time of my life on the road with my friends and can’t wait to do it again.”                           

Natasha – (1st time) ” Soca music releases something inside of me like no other music

Michael –  “EPIC

Marissa – (Seasoned Reveller) ” Fun, sun, good music. I played with Trini Revellers Rugeir Promotions they bring family and friends out and treats everyone like VIP


Here’s a taste of what CARNIVAL……… THE TRINI WAY was like.




Photo Credits: Tevin Newton,



Photo Credits: Nicholas H. Khan,



Photo Credits: Jael Dirpaul,    Featured image Jael Dirpaul



Photo Credits: Dane Rackhal,



Photo Credits: Allister Stewart,

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