Happy Easter !!!

Hey you guys, how are you doing I know it’s been a while since i wrote, but here’s an update as to what I have been up too lately.

So today I went out and ventured into something a lil different from what I am use to shooting, I did my first ever horse racing event and it was fun I got a few shot and I will be uploading soon so be on the lookout for them. Easter is always a fun time for kids and even us grown-ups as well. Yesterday I also got some images of kids and adults flying kites it was quite impressive to see how much creativity they have.


So yea this is it sorry I have been lagging but will try my best to write weekly or when i have done new shoot.  REMEBER AIM FOR WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE AND THE SKY SHOULD NOT BE YOUR LIMIT MUCH LOVE K.L.M 😀

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