From Tobago with Love

Hello there readers and viewers, I know its been quite a while since my last post, but truth is I have been a bit under the weather and needed to find some inspiration some where as I have been lackadaisical.So during the weekend I took a trip to Tobago, and there I found my mojo. Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic Of Trinidad & Tobago. This little island has so much to offer one cannot help but to be inspired by such a beauty. I started off my two day tour by heading up the north coast and my first stop was Fort Granby. The remains of the fort are the white gazebos that look onto Barbados bay.Whilst walking around we stumbled upon a gravestone where the body of British  soldier, James Clarke, who died on July 6th 1772 was buried. From there we pass through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve where every thing in there is protected. One can’t pick a fruit or flower neither kill animals. It was declared a protected rainforest by the English Crown over 200 years ago making it THE oldest piece of land and forest reserve in the western hemisphere.  There are a number of hiking trails and waterfalls which I’m sure the adventurous ones are sure to enjoy.

For a small quiet island i was especially impressed with how friendly and trusting the people were, it would seem like they were a totally different species and also the entire island was clean compared to that of it’s big sister Trinidad, shows they take pride in their island. This mini vacation to draw inspiration was quite interesting. Some of my most memorable stops were eating at SuckHole, nice little joint to grab a bite right on the beach in Charlottesville, the remarkable sea battle which took place in 1666, when the British admiral Sir John Harman encountered the combined fleets of Holland & France. It is said that the British defeated them with such a great slaughter that the sea turned red. Hence the name “Bloody Bay” and finally taking a dip in the crystal clear water at the infamous Englishman Bay,This bay is the true definition of paradise. It was truly refreshing to explore the island and will definitely be making more visits to the lil island of Tobago as this island has so much to offer and much more to see.

As it Motto says “She becomes more beautiful”

Once again with much love from Tobago.



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