Island Bliss (Aurora in Paradise)

OMG……… today was a good day. Hey you guys waddup!!!!! Just bringing you all an update as to my recent activities. As you know I am in lovely Saint Lucia home of the beautiful majestic twin peaks and I am always on the go to creating amazing images. Today I did my second shoot since being on island and had the pleasure in working with the lovely scarlet Tiffany. Everything went according to plan, had some grey clouds which was perfect for this shoot. Overall I gotta some great shots, makeup, wardrobe and styling was done by yourself truly and also had some help by the lovely assistant Ms. Goldie. Tiffany was really easy and fun to work with. She is such a sweetheart with a beautiful soul and amazing spirit. I will most definitely work with her again on future projects. Indeed it was a day filled with laughter searching for sea grapes and fat pork. We did get wet by some scattered showers but what better way to end a super amazing day. QUOTE FOR THE DAY: IF you set your mind to do something, do it with everything you got.


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