It’s Not an Easy Road

So I finally put my site online and being happy and proud to show my work.  I do alot TFP (Time For Print) work though I do charge but reasonably yet some people want to get on about images I post on my site.  The road to get to the place I am now in the field of photography wasn’t a nice smooth road I had my ups and downs but when one is determined to better themselves and promote what they are doing then they go to all lengths to achieve that.  So before I leave I just want to say the images on my site cannot be saved or stolen. We all have fears about our images being on the net yet we have Facebook and whatever social pages with our images where it’s more open to people getting your pics.

Persons looking to shoot with me, or persons  I am interested in working with please be advised that in future a TFP form must be signed before proceeding to shoot.

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