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Hello you guys I know I am not keeping you guys updated but truth of the matter is I’ve been a bit on the down low and nothing much has been happening, but I do have some exciting news for you so buckle up lol.  In late 2012-2013 I took part in a competition called “MY CARIBBEAN” which was about capturing or should I say showing your Caribbean in various categories. I made it to the finals but sad to say I didn’t win but that’s good as my work was featured in LIAT’s in-flight magazine, the ZING MAG, so even if I didn’t win but I am happy that people got to see my work.

There is so much more to come from me but this is indeed an achievement, I always wanted my work to appear in a magazine of some sort and it did so to all the person who have continually visited my website and read my blogs I just wanna say thank you for the support, keep visiting and look out for more big things from me.

MY WORK ISSUE20               WORK IN ISSUE19

Much love


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