The EPIC Adventure!!!!!

Greeting viewers and readers….. so it’s been quite sometime since my last post, so today I will share what I have been up to since going off the grid.

Six months ago I embarked on an adventure, I was tired of being in the same place and seeing the same old faces. I needed a new place of scenery… and needed to meet new people so I decided to go and work on a cruise ship.

On May 8th 2016 I travelled across the globe to Barcelona Spain to embark on the Norwegian Epic. I didn’t  know what to expect but all I did know I was ready for an adventure and boy oh boy what an adventure it turned out to be. On arriving on the ship we had to go through immigration procedures, we got a tour of the ship and that sort of stuff, after which we waited for the various department heads to come and get us, I was the last one to leave. When I saw the man who would be in charge of me for the next six months I went like this guy is crazy… he indeed looked like a crazy man… lol.

My first thoughts when I got on was this is going to be a breeze, being that I have been in photography for seven years and working with a media house where I dealt with persons on a large scale, I thought I could easily take on this job with my eyes closed. The first two months onboard were tough. I had to learn a lot from lighting to set up, how to approach the guests and smudge, how to deal with guest issues, using the systems, it was a lot to take in and on top of that a series of trainings I thought would  never end.There were times I cried even screamed, there were many times I just wanted to give up… but one thing I have always told myself is that”YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER” and I also encouraged my peers to not give up. I took a different stance and came about with a different approach. I thought of all the  new people I was going to meet, all the new places I was going to see and reminded myself that all I wanted to do was travel the world and take great pictures, and here I was living that dream.

As the days turned into months I got the hang of things, wasn’t so hard as I first thought.I got sea sick a lot of times, fell ill shortly with a virus that had a hold on me. I battled with this for two months, then came tooth ache it was like my immune system was failing me but I pulled through and not once did I complain, I just kept on going. Many times my team mates would ask “why doesn’t she stop, she just keeps on going?” especially when I was a mascot…lol. I enjoyed being a mascot. I had an amazing team who made working so much fun… we found ways to enjoy every moment. I made friends from all nationalities,  visited many places, though I have no pictures. The ports we stopped in were Naples, Civitavecchia, Livorno,Cannes, Marseille and Barcelona.

Those six months were the best. I am thankful for the opportunity and for the people I met…. remember that crazy manager I mentioned earlier??? well who would have thought that at the end of my contract he would be one of my favorite and by far the best manager I ever had. When it came to me leaving and saying my goodbyes, I couldn’t stop the water works. The tears just kept on coming. I thought of all the wonderful people I was gonna leave, all the good times we had, the early mornings and late nights, and it didn’t make departing any easier. It was truly an EPIC ADVENTURE and if I could have a do over I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Persons came and persons went, the team changed but every new member we got were amazing individuals. There were times we didn’t agree, there were times we fought, got under each other’s skin, but when it came to work we did it as a team ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL.


So here’s to the guys…. sorry i mean folks who made this truly amazing . #TEAMEPICCOCONUTS



bai_3585 bai_8816 car_9965

Marseille France

dsk_0414 dsk_3348

Civitavecchia Italy


Cannes France


Dinner at Cagneys Steakhouse

dwn_9460 dsk_4606

Gangway Naples Italy


Crew party June2016



Back to school party crew

gan_4301 jrn_1385


kat_6757 ker_1793

Norwegian night out

ker_3465 ker_3895                                 ker_5471m ker_7975 mrc_1867 mrc_9101                                           nia_3905msy_4247                msy_9175 nia_3416 nia_5167 team-group2 bai_0083 bai_2170  ker_2501 dsk_9041 dsk_0409 asf_5249



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  1. I am so glad I met you. These moments will be in my mind and heart forever. Love you and miss you!
    Kit Kat

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