The Inner Goddess

Salut followers and readers, I bring you greetings from the home of the Majestic Twin peaks, Saint Lucia.  As always I have been lagging when it comes to updates of recent activities, but I like to come out with the best and so this time around I bring you this Greek Goddess inspired shoot.

We all have heard about Greek goddesses or  should i say Greek mythology, but have you seen one?  Have you ever thought maybe we do have some goddesses right here around us?  Someone who’s graceful and poise, who’s beauty, personality,radiant smile and laughter can be compared to that of a goddess?  Well today I had the pleasure of meeting one right here in our sweet Helen Of The West.

So yesterday my day started with the usual boredom, but later in the day I was feeling a bit creative, so I decided to go on a model hunt. I packed my equipment, my makeup kit and went on a journey to see who I can do a makeover on and transform and create some breathtaking images for the day.  I came across a friend and we got right into it from makeup to wardrobe to shooting. We shot in a nearby river, great location by the way, it was her first time being dolled up and pampered and like every Goddess she was ecstatic about  the treatment.  She was happy with the end result of the makeup and seeing her smile made me once again a happy photographer 😀  She was a great joy to work with, a breath of fresh air, a new face that takes directions well and shares her ideas on whether she should do a certain pose or not. While shooting we had a lot of onlookers though they felt like paparazzi 😀  people left what they were doing just to see what was going on which had her in more smiles.  It’s not every day that one gets to be pampered or have all eyes on her but it was her day and i think she should feel that way every day.  Her day started with her being upset but it ended with her all in smiles and I am happy that I was the one who brought that smile to her face.  Soooooooooooo…….. Ladies and Jelly spoons I call her

APHRODITE-The Goddess Of Love & Beauty…….

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.41.54 AM



Wouldn’t you agree with me when i say that she is a Goddess?.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: We all have an inner Goddess,Don’t be afraid to show it.

Much Love Kerma 😀

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