The New Age “Plus Size Models”

As we know most lil girls dreams of becoming a model, strutting their stuff on the runway, but then that dream is CRUSHED when they see the world’s perception on what a model should be or look like. As we all have figured it out by now not everyone is going to be a super skinny girl with a Barbie figure. We don’t want our girls to give up on their dreams. There are big girls out there who have made a name in the modeling/fashion industry and there are some who is making their mark and standing out as “PLUS SIZE MODELS” and I had the pleasure of meeting some of them at the Caribbean Plus Size Fashion Week in Trinidad & Tobago 2014. These drop dead divas gave a whole new meaning to the term “MODEL”. These women strutted down the runway in full confidence as they rocked fashion designs by Dexter Jennings, Georgia Greenwood and other local and international designers. Models from around the Caribbean and the United States and Canada were in attendance. With that being said, our young girls who wants to pursue a modeling career but thought they were too big or not a size 2 can go on and live up that dream. There’s an industry for you in the world of Plus Sized Modeling. So put on your best face and show the world you’ve got Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent, let the streets be your runway.   And I got one thing to say…………………. YOU BETTER WORK!!!!!!!!!! HUNTIES   😀 😀 Quote by “Mama Ru” Rupaul Charles




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