The Simple Pleasures Of Life

Hello viewers and readers I come to you this beautiful Sunday with another post about the lovely little island of Tobago. In my last post I talked about some of the sites I visited in Tobago about the Forts and some of it’s history. As I mentioned previously that I would be visiting this island a lot more as there is so much wonder to discover and that I did. On Friday we visited the Argyle waterfall in Roxbourough.The drive in was set between over grown trees forming a  cathedral like canopy. This 25 minute hike led us to this beautiful cascading waterfall with 4 pools. The first pool which is the base is 18ft deep, to get to the others we had to walk up a slight incline using hand ropes for safety, but when we got to the top it was simply break taking. The water was crystal clear, ice cold  and refreshing we took a dip and made our way home. Then the Saturday we headed out onto a new adventure. Drove along the north west coastline and stopped at Fort James with a very scenic view of the ocean and the adjacent Black Bay. We then took a little detour and drove through a deserted road down to the secluded beach called Back Bay. This beach is very nice turquoise water, the channel between the two rock formation is so inviting but not very safe. The beach is a good nesting place for sea turtles. After this we headed down to Mount Irvin Bay where we jumped in to take a dip as we watched the sun go down on a beautiful day. It was truly amazing. Tobago is simply a heaven on earth with many many wonders though its night life is lacking but you can always have a good time and adventure with nature.

Happy Sunday and a happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

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