When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!!!!!!

So a couple of days ago I was added to a group called F-STOP on Facebook by an acquaintance. He told me about the group and what it’s about and I was all down for it. My first post in that group was a shot of a guy and his girlfriend I did a wedding shoot with. The image was indeed a well retouched and stunning image well that’s what I thought until I started getting critiques from the other photographers in the group. 99.9% of the comments and critiques that was given was utter bullshit, nothing helpful or constructive but just a bunch of insults. I took offense to what was said about my image and as a photographer I will defend my work. I was brutally attacked and one fellow photographer had the temerity to tell me they are insulting me because I am new. Hmmmmmmm I was shocked at the response as to why they couldn’t be constructive with their comments and critiques and thought there was no way I was taking it , I was FURIOUS.  A few days later a client whom I work with asked me to do a shoot and guess what my response was,” I CAN’T BECAUSE I DONT FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT MY IMAGES” what those photographer said about my image, broke me to bits, I had lost all confidence in myself and my work, I was ready to give up photography for good. But a friend stepped in and reassured me of my talent and encouraged me, she is a supporter of me and my work and with what she said my confidence was rebuilt. I felt that I had so much to learn still, after all I am still a beginner. A few days later I made another post and guess what, there wasn’t a bad comment or critique but I must say there were some helpful ones. I worked and watch tutorials, I read up on stuff to make my images better, to create an awesome image and I must say I succeeded.

I took all the bad that was said and went with it, I worked to become better and I have won what a sweet victory. There’s still a lot to learn and I am open. I WENT, I SAW, I CONQUERED………………… WHEN LIFE THROWS YOU LEMONS, MAKE LEMONADE.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, strive for better, there will be persons out there who will try to break you and bring you down, keep your head above the water, keep your eyes on the prize and work your way through the challenges and obstacles that will be thrown in your way, NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE AND IN THE END YOU SHALL BE VICTORIOUS.

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